Our Products

Specialised catering equipment hardware and plumbing components for the foodservice industry. 


Sinks and Bowls

Sinks and Bowls - Sink Units, Tops & Bowls

Wash Basins

Wash Hand Basins - Stainless Steel


Janitorial - Sinks, Bucket Sinks & Insectocutors

Plumbing Components

Plumbing Components - Commercial Kitchens

Canopy Hood Accessories

Canopy Hood Accessories - Commercial Catering

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware - Commercial Catering Equipment

Refrigeration Components

Commercial Refrigeration Components

Cafeteria Components

Cafeteria Components - Commercial Catering

Castors & Accessories

Castors & Accessories - Mobile Catering Equipment

Legs & Accessories

Catering Equipment Legs & Accessories

Fabrication Supplies

Fabrication Supplies - Commercial Supplies

Electrical Components

Electrical Components - Commercial Kitchens

Rahrbach - Commercial Locking Systems

Rahrbach - Commercial Locking Systems

Vantage - Stainless Steel Hospital Equipment

Vantage - Stainless Steel Hospital Equipment