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Die-Pat to exhibit at the new Commercial Kitchen show

Die-Pat is excited to announce its presence this summer at a major new trade show for the UK’s catering equipment sector.   Commercial Kitchen will see a range of industry leading... > More

Die-Pat Divisions achieves major warehouse transformation

Die-Pat Divisions Ltd. has recently completed a huge restructuring of its warehouse facilities in Daventry. The company has made a substantial investment to optimise the 48,000 square feet space... > More

Die-Pat warns against using non-accredited catering gas hoses

Following several reports in the press about the dangers of substandard gas hoses, Die-Pat strongly urges our customers and colleagues in the industry against using non-accredited catering... > More

Italian Design for Outdoor Living

Die-Pat Divisions Ltd is the UK distributor for Ronda, a world renowned Italian company which designs and manufactures stainless steel components (doors, drawers, food containers, sink bowls…)... > More

Energy Management for Commercial Kitchens

Imagine if you could calculate and project the lifecycle costs, capital replacement costs and carbon footprint of every commercial kitchen you operate for the next 5 to 15 years?. Kitchen operators... > More

The Efficient Use of Equipment in the Kitchen Can Save Energy and Money

Catering businesses tend to have thin profit margins, sometimes razor thin. In most cases, their profit margin is within the range of the 4-6 percent of the budget typically spent on energy costs.... > More

Guide to Kitchen Equipment Energy Efficiency Labelling

CESA has been actively involved in ensuring the transformation of kitchen and other home electronic equipment into energy saving products. With the help of consumers, manufacturers and regional... > More

Latest Commercial Kitchens Innovations for 2016

2016 update for newest Commercial Kitchen innovations, from the top brands:  Lincat is launching two new products – the Opus 800 and the latest version of FilterFlow water boilers. The... > More

Full range of water hoses now available in stock

Die-Pat is now selling a full range of catering water hoses. We stock standard assemblies ready for next day delivery. A bespoke hose service, to suit individual requirements, with no minimum... > More

Wasting Energy Through Inefficient Kitchen Ventilation Systems

A modern commercial kitchen can not exist without a proper ventilation system, and these canopy hood systems are often considered highly inefficient in terms of the energy used to power them. The... > More

Die-Pat is celebrating 50 years in business

We are celebrating a huge milestone this month after 50 successful years in business. Die-Pat is one of the oldest family-run businesses in Daventry, founded in 1966 by Ben Lee and Kath Gleghorn,... > More

Understanding your Kitchens Water Filter System

A water filter is designed to reduce or rid water of all water contaminants. A device with tiny holes catches most minerals dissolved or suspended in water. The most common contaminants it gets rid... > More

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Warewashers

You've hired the best staff for the job, sourced the best suppliers, and developed recipes that can't be beaten. All of this will be for nothing, though, if you don't have a... > More

Die-Pat hosts 2 day coffee morning extravaganza in aid of Macmillan

Die-Pat held its annual Biggest Coffee Morning in the World on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th September. Over the two days we sampled many homemade cakes and biscuits including Victoria sponge, coffee... > More

The Catering Equipment Sector and Brexit

Catering equipment sector businesses are continuing to cope with how Britain's impending exit from the EU will impact their bottom line, and there are now several indications that the... > More

How Commercial Kitchen Extraction, Ventilation Systems Work

Kitchen extraction or ventilation systems are a must-have in commercial kitchens and are legal requirements. The environment in commercial kitchen has to be very controlled to guarantee the... > More

Deciding Between New, Used, or Leased Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Turning Up the Heat: Deciding Between New, Used, or Leased Commercial Kitchen Equipment Starting up a commercial catering kitchen is a huge decision to make, and while buying equipment can be a... > More

Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention Tips

Commercial kitchen fires happen more often than you may think and they can be very dangerous and costly. They can also have a devastating effect on your business. If the fire was bad enough, you may... > More

Simple Planning Tips for a New Catering Business

Making the initial decision to start a catering business requires a lot of planning if you want your business to remain in the percentage of businesses that stay open after the first year of... > More

Food Hygiene Guide For Businesses

This guide is for restaurants and other food service businesses, as well as shops selling food. It informs you about good food hygiene practice, which is essential for you to obey the law and protect... > More

Die-Pat supports its local Food Bank

Our Christmas Appeal  - Daventry Food Bank As part of our social responsibility to the local community in which we all work and many of us live, we wanted to do something that everyone could be... > More

Louise Anderson joins Die-Pat

Die-Pat are pleased to announce the appointment of Louise Anderson as joint Head of Marketing.  Louise comes with a wealth of experience and has spent many years working in the Commercial... > More

UK Manufacturing Looking Positive for 2017

This is a great time for catering equipment manufacturing. Currently representing 14% of all business investments, UK manufacturing accounts for an estimated 68% of all new research and development.... > More

E-Learning Kitchen Design facility from CEDA

Whilst celebrating the launch of its brand new platform, CEDA has brought onboard two famous chefs, John Campbell and Chris Galvin, to talk in a series of videos about the challenges that arise when... > More

Commercial Kitchen Design Principles

A well designed commercial kitchen provides smooth work flow to maximise covers together with hygienic and comfortable working conditions for chefs. The following are some tips on commercial kitchen... > More

Die-Pat are proud to support The Caring & Sharing Trust

For over 20 years Die-Pat have been proud supporters of Cotton's Farmhouse, home to the Caring & Sharing Trust which is nestled in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside and is a... > More

Mark Wilson joins the Die Pat team

Die Pat are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Wilson as a National Sales Manager.  Mark has over 25 years’ experience within the construction industry across the hospitality and... > More

New Jug & Container Rinsers

These inset stainless steel jug rinsers are ideal for anywhere where the rinsing of cups, jugs and glasses is required. This simple to use and maintain piece of equipment is a must for any... > More

New Commercial Hand Wash Basins, Wall Mounted and Knee Operated

Die-Pat launches two new wall mounted wash hand basins that are knee operated. Compact Commercial Knee Operated Hand Wash Basin - Wall Mounted - Satin Finish - Integral Splashback - Mixing Valve -... > More

New Thermostatic Mixing Valves for wash hand basins, showers, baths in higher risk applications.

ESBE Thermostatic Mixing Valves are licensed for use with wash hand basins, showers and baths in higher risk applications, particularly healthcare under the requirements of the NHS Estates D08... > More

Kitchen Inspection Tips for Food Standards Agency Visit

A commercial kitchen is is required to follow specific food hygiene practices to stay compliant with UK food laws. Cleaning, maintainance and food hygiene guidelines within your kitchen will help... > More

Die-Pat supports local cricket club

Business recognises village club’s commitment to young people by producing club handbook   Die-Pat Divisions, the UK’s leading supplier of specialised catering equipment, hardware... > More

Tips on Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Wash Hand Basins

Wash hand basins must be available in the food preparation area in adequate numbers. There should be wash hand basins clearly designated as use for hand washing only. In addition, the washbasins... > More

Die-Pat launches new Sink Unit Assemblies

Comprehensive range of UK-made assemblies added to expanding Die-Pat product portfolio   5 June, 2017 - Die-Pat Divisions, the UK’s leading supplier of specialised catering equipment,... > More

What is "The Connected Kitchen" Exactly?

The foodservice kitchen connectivity has nearly become real. All the resources needed to implement it are available, and with each day, costs are going down. Technology companies have done a lot of... > More

Stainless Steel Maintenance and Cleaning

It wasn’t until the early 20th century, after several years of experimentation, that a perfect combination of chromium and carbon produced the stainless steel product used today. An English... > More

Get to Know your Baffle Grease Filter

Air that is filled with grease rises through the filters and is forced to change direction quickly, fat droplets cannot change direction as fast as air, because of this the air is freed from the oil.... > More

Kitchen Tips to Managing Fat, Oil, and Grease

One of the biggest challenges in a commercial kitchen is managing residual fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Residual fats oil and greases are a byproducts that food outlets have to manage constantly.... > More

Commercial Oven Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Now that you’ve spent the money on your perfect commercial oven, you have to learn the importance and know-how of cleaning it after you’re done the cooking. No matter what precautions you... > More

You Can't Have a Successful Restaurant without a Great Dishwasher

When you're considering all of the qualities that make your restaurant thrive, you are probably looking at the service, food, decor and other elements. The people who take care of your dishes,... > More

Outdoor Kitchens: The Latest Must Have

Outdoor kitchens are kitchen concepts that allow you to have an amazing cooking experience by doing it outside where cooking feels like a pleasurable activity rather than a chore. These kitchen... > More

Cleaning Baffle Filters

To maintain an efficient and healthy working environment in the kitchen, it is very important to ensure that the baffle filters in the canopy hood are regularly cleaned. This goes a long way to not... > More

Legionnaires Disease Risk with Stainless Steel Sinks & Taps

For the better part of the last century up to know, stainless steel has been used the world over to make industrial and home utilities. All has been well and good until recently when scientists... > More

Choosing the Right Caterhose for the Job

While we understand that cost efficiency is a top priority for our customers, the importance of using high quality, fully accredited gas hoses cannot be stressed enough. This is an area where... > More

Shrinking Commercial Kitchen Space

According to a recent release by NPD Group, a top market research company, Britain is an indomitable force in the food service sector. The report also shows that London alone accounted for 20.2% of... > More

Pre-Rinse Spray Units for Every Type of Kitchen

Die-Pat offers Pre-Rinse spay units to suit every type of commercial kitchen, the decision you need to make is which one would best suit your kitchen requirements. Please contact us for technical... > More

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems Market Growth

Commercial kitchen ventilation systems have a long history of growth. Necessity continues to drive the industry long after cave dwellers moved cooking fires indoors. Chimneys came along in the 11th... > More

We are looking for an Area Sales Manager to join our friendly and customer-focused team

Die-Pat, founded in 1966 is a leading supplier of specialised catering equipment, hardware and plumbing components into the foodservice industry. Continued success and growth means that we have a... > More

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Tips

Modern commercial kitchen appliances are safer and more efficient than they were in the old days, but it’s still possible for a faulty gas system to cause serious injury to you or other... > More

Commercial Fridge / Freezer Cleaning Tips

Cleaning and Maintainance of your fridge and freezer is crucial in any commercial food environment and its one of the first things on a Food Standards Agency inspectors checklist. There will always... > More

Get to Know your Stainless Steel

Your kitchen is full of stainless steel, but not all stainless steel is the same, there are different grades and each comes with its own pro's and con's. As a business it makes business sense to... > More

Die-Pat Brings Manufacturing Back In-House

Die-Pat Holdings Limited, owner of Die-Pat Divisions Limited and Vantage Products Limited, has made the first stage of a c£1million investment to bring manufacturing back... > More

Crucial Design Areas in a Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen is the beating heart of your restaurant. If it is not designed with efficiency and safety in mind, it will affect the productivity of your business. There are a few critical areas,... > More

Gas Safety Interlock Systems and your Obligations

If you own a restaurant, café or a catering establishment, then you have probably heard of gas interlock systems but probably don’t know much about them, and you may have questions like: how does... > More

Grease in Ventilation Systems is Largest Fire Risk In Commercial Kitchens

According to government statistics, roughly half of all structural fires in the United Kingdom are a direct result of or related to the use of cooking equipment. This is true of private residences,... > More

What are WRAS Approved Taps?

The WRAS logo often appears on commercial and domestic products that use water. WRAS, which stands for the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, is a organisation that works to protect the public water... > More

Castors & Wheels for all your Kitchen Equipment

Die-Pat currently stocks and supplies eight types of castors and wheels for your catering equipment. These range from our economy castors, institutional castors, light duty castors to medium duty... > More

Carillion Liquidation: What does it Mean for School Catering?

In January, Carillion, a construction company that services multiple schools for cafeteria food, filed for liquidation. This could have far reaching impacts on the quality of foods that students... > More

Commercial Kitchen Show: 5th June 2018, NEC Birmingham

A properly equipped kitchen is vital to the success of any food business. If you are in the industry, a trip to the Commercial Kitchen show in Birmingham could take your kitchen to the next... > More

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Kitchens

According to a study published in the International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, 45% to 70% of the wasted electric energy in commercial kitchens is due to behavioural factors and poor... > More

What Chefs Expect From Their Kitchen Ranges in 2018

On average, most restaurant kitchens make the most investments in the cooking suite. A cooking suite is the center of their operations; thus, they have to carefully choose the kind of suite, its... > More

UK Manufacturing Slowed, but Remains Well Above Average

Manufacturing has been on the minds of policymakers around the world ever since American President Donald Trump began talking about tariffs and protections for manufacturing in his country. This... > More

Business Water Saving and Water Efficiency Tips

The recent heatwave in the UK prove that businesses must take greater care when using water to avoid substantial water waste on the premises. In the Carbon Disclosure Project, nearly 70% of... > More

Obsolete Stock - Clearance Sale

We have a couple of items available from stock at massively reduced prices... The W38-1000-C Heavy Duty Door Latch is available at a clearance price of £38.00 each and W99-2000 Heavy Duty hinge... > More

Which Knee Operated Hand Wash Basins to Use?

Die-Pat offer a range of knee operated hand wash basins in stainless steel and certified for personal hygiene in commercial facilities, the only decision you need to make is which basin is the right... > More

Time to Update Your Canopy Hood Lights

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSW) require employers to have arrangements in place to cover health and safety. This includes lighting which needs to be suitable and... > More

Company BBQ

The sun shone brightly on our company lunchtime BBQ... a big thank you to our MD Eddy Edwards and FD Tracey Williams who slaved over hot coals to serve up a lovely lunch for the Die-Pat team. > More

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips

According to the latest study by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the most prevalent foodborne pathogen in the UK is Campylobacter. This microorganism is responsible for approximately 280,000 cases... > More

Commercial Kitchen Lighting Requirements and LED Lighting

Well-designed and properly implemented lighting is vital in any commercial kitchen if the staff are going to efficiently and safely perform their tasks of food preparation, cooking, presentation... > More

Fake it or Bake it in aid of Macmillan

Die-Pat was proud to support Macmillan Biggest Coffee Morning in the World on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September 2018. Over the two days we feasted on a fantastic selection of sweet &... > More

How to Clean and Descale a Commercial Dishwasher

Ensuring that you serve your customers on clean crockery is just as important as the food you serve. No matter how mouthwatering and enticing your menu is, presenting even the most delicious meals on... > More

Commercial Deck Mounted Taps

Die-Pat commercial kitchen taps are chrome plated deck mounted taps and necks. Taps include: 4” centre deck mounted Tap with 8” goose neck spout, deck mounted monobloc pantry tap with a... > More

Stainless Steel Janitorial Sink Units & Bucket Sinks

Die-Pat janitorial sinks are manufactured in high quality grade 304 stainless steel Janitorial Sink Units Stainless steel janitorial sink units with adjustable feet. Supplied complete with tap,... > More

Guide to Electric Insect Systems or Insectocutors

Insects left unchecked and given a conducive environment can multiply rapidly in little time. Besides being a nuisance, some insects can also pose a health risk in commercial kitchens. The... > More

Janitorial Health & Safety

Before focusing on how to maintain proper health and safety practices among the janitorial staff in your building, it's important to understand the necessity of a health and safety risk... > More

Commercial Kitchen Trends into 2019

Whether in terms of equipment or food and beverages, food service industry trends are worth keeping an eye on. Since the start of the year, several trends are already proving popular. To help you... > More

Brexit Update / Briefing

Die-Pat are very aware of the concerns surrounding the deal / no deal Brexit scenario that businesses and consumers are facing currently in the UK.  With this in mind, we have put together some... > More

Kitting out Your Commercial Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the biggest investments you will make in your restaurant. Kitting out your commercial kitchen will require commercial catering equipment and appliances. Industrial strength... > More

Commercial Wall Mounted Taps

Die Pat offers a range of commercial wall mounted taps. Commercial Double Wall Mounted Taps Double Wall Mounted Pantry Tap Double wall mounted Pantry Tap... > More

Now publishing on CaterQuotes

To further our ongoing commitment to distributors and specifiers, we are now listing a large variety of catering products in the CaterQuotes online catalogue and quotation application dedicated to... > More

Introduction to Commercial Induction Cooking

Over the past few years, many professional kitchens have turned to induction cooking. The number of available options increased as the demand went up as well. Despite the ton of choices,... > More

Castors with Bolt Hole Fitting

Bolt hole castors (stem castors) are mounted by a fastener through the centre of the swivel head. Bolt hole castors are used on catering equipment, trolleys for ease of use and transportation.... > More

Stainless Steel Sink Units with Left Hand Drainer

Die-Pat commercial sink units come complete with underframe, legs and shelf. Sink tops are 304 stainless steel. Supplied flat-pack with easy to follow instructions for self-assembly and adjustable... > More

Commercial Kitchen Innovations for 2019

Commercial kitchen innovations include equipment and technology that deliver better customer experiences, streamlined operations, faster service and safer food. The most exciting innovations are... > More

Stainless Steel Sink Units with Right Hand Drainer

Die-Pat stainless steel sink units come complete with underframe, legs and shelf. Sink tops are 304 stainless steel. Supplied flat-pack with easy to follow instructions for self-assembly and... > More

Tips for Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

The commercial kitchen is one of the busiest places, and it’s also one of the most neglected areas of your whole building. Most people neglect maintenance, which is one of the worst things... > More

Castors with Plate Fitting

Plate fitting castors are castors with a square or rectangular plate that has four fixing bolts. What these four fixing bolts do is provide an overall strong fixing, and they also distribute the... > More

What is the difference between Jacketed and Non-Jacketed Heat Lamps?

Commercial heat lamps are energy efficient, infrared and designed to produce more heat than light. Jacketed Heat Lamps Die-Pat’s jacketed heat lamps are fitted with an outer quartz glass... > More

What is the difference between 304 and 430 stainless steel?

There are many grades of stainless steel available, each offering their own unique characteristics for specific applications. However, the two most common grades are 304 and 430. 304 is... > More

How do I measure for a baffle grease filter?

Filters must be installed with baffles running in the vertical (top to bottom) position so the grease will run down to the grease trough in the hood. Standard sizes are ordered with the vertical (top... > More

Contract Catering Growth Opportunities

The Global Contract Careering Market is expected to grow at 4.02 percent in the next two years. There are huge market expanses and growth opportunities planned through 2025. Many of the features... > More

Lighting for Commercial Canopy Hoods

To improve your work efficiency and protect your kitchen staff from any form of risk, you must ensure that your canopy hood is correctly lit. Different types of Canopy Hood... > More

Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink Units

Die-Pat stainless steel double bowl sink units in a range of sizes and options for ultimate flexibility. All of our stainless steel sink units are manufactured in the UK from 304 stainless... > More

Die-Pat are proud to support Coppafeel! for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Die-Pat Divisions team decided to don their "finest" pink attire and enjoy a day filled with fun, food and fundraising to support... > More

The Benefits of Having Water Filtration Systems in Commercial Kitchens

Whether you are a restaurant owner or work in the food service industry in another capacity, you use a lot of water for various activities and appliances. From your sinks to your steamers to the... > More

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

Your fridge is an integral part of your business. You need to ensure that it’s in good working order so that it keeps your food at the optimum temperature. Not only that, but it was also a large... > More

950 x 508 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks - In Stock

Die-Pat now supplies a range of 950 x 508 stainless steel sink tops in a range of configurations: Double bowl, reversible drainer Single bowl, single drainer Single bowl, reversible... > More

Gas Interlock System FAQs

A gas interlock system is often referred to as a gas safety interlock system. This is a device providing a failsafe ensuring safety and decreasing the risk of accidents in commercial kitchens. The... > More

Stainless Steel: The Best Choice For Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens experience constant traffic that could wear down standard countertops, utensils, and appliances. Cooking equipment and prep surfaces must be durable and rustproof to withstand the... > More

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Whether you are running a hotel, restaurant, or catering kitchen, cleanliness should be a crucial part of your catering business. Public Health England estimate that restaurants account for... > More

Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink Units

Die-Pat stainless steel single bowl sink units manufactured in 304 stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean. Types of Die-Pat commercial kitchen sinks: Sink Unit Assemblies:... > More

Sustainability In The Catering Industry

Sustainability is incredibly important in the catering industry. The catering business must find new ways to decrease waste while implementing improved practises for the protection of the... > More

Commercial WRAS Approved Lever Taps

Die-Pat WRAS Approved chrome plated commercial lever taps available with 3" & 6" levers. **Please click through to the product for exact product details, or contact our sales team for more... > More

Knee Operated Wash Hand Basins in Stock

Notice: Although Die-Pat is currently experiencing an increased demand for knee operated wash hand basins due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are currently able to maintain stock levels and do not... > More

Hand Hygiene Is Important, But Why So Complex?

Hand hygiene is important for preventing transmission of infections in industrial, healthcare, domestic and community settings. During the past few years, a lot of medical publications have included... > More

Company Update - Coronavirus COVID-19 - March 2020

Die-Pat Divisions Ltd are closely monitoring the UK Governments advice on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, and are doing all we can to maintain a safe environment for our employees by... > More

Electronic Sensor Taps in Stock

** Die-Pat is currently experiencing an increased demand for sensor taps due to COVID-19, however we are currently able to maintain stock levels and do not anticipate any disruption to... > More

Utility Sinks, Wash Hand Basins and Sinks in Stock

Here at Die-Pat, we are still running our operations to help support your business. At these uncertain times, we would like to share an update on how Die-Pat is responding to the current Covid-19... > More

How COVID-19 Has Changed The Catering Industry

COVID-19 is one of the most significant threats that the catering industry has ever faced. It is one of the few events that could ban the mass gatherings that the industry has thrived on for... > More

Commercial Sensor Operated Washroom Accessories

Die-Pat commercial sensor operated washroom accessories include, taps, soap dispenser. Sensor Taps Die-Pat electronic water saving sensor taps has a microcomputer control to enable an... > More

Commercial Hygiene Products

As lockdown measures continue to ease, and businesses try to re-open whilst maintaining safety for employees and customers, the team here at Die-Pat would like to remind you of some of our... > More

Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain & Bottle Filler

As the world continues in its drive to reduce plastic waste, Die-Pat are delighted to offer you four popular variations of our high quality stainless steel drinking fountains, available ex stock for... > More

New Stainless Steel Drinking Fountains

Die-Pat are delighted to offer you four popular variations of our high quality stainless steel drinking fountains, available ex stock for next day delivery (UK mainland). In an increasingly... > More

Company Update - COVID 19 - November 2020

As we all prepare to enter our second national lockdown of 2020, the team at Die-Pat want to reassure you that its business as usual and we will be here to support the industry and our... > More

A Brand New Look For Our Sister Company

Our sister company, Vantage Products Ltd, has just launched a brand new look logo and website, with further exciting news of new products to follow... In addition to the new look Vantage Products... > More

Raising money for a fabulous cause - Macmillan

Macmillan’s Coffee Morning is a national fundraising event to support people living with cancer, that since it's origination in 1990 has raised over £290 million. People all over... > More

Die-Pat Supports its local Food Bank

Our Christmas Appeal for 2021 was once again to support the Daventry Food Bank, and today we proudly delivered donations filling 2 cars to help support those in need in our local... > More

Die-Pat Proudly Supports Local Ladies Football Club

Die-Pat Divisions Ltd know how important it is to support the local community in which we all work and many of us live and are delighted to announce its support of local organisation, Long... > More

Special Offer - Flanged Insert Feet Without Mounting Holes

We have approximately 13,000 aluminium flanged insert feet without mounting holes in stock which we are offering to our customers on a first come first served basis. Special Offer Prices (whilst... > More

Staff Promotions

Die-Pat are excited to announce the promotion of two dedicated staff members: Louise Brander has been promoted from Head of Sales to Commercial Director, and Zak Woon has been promoted from... > More

New to the Sales & Purchasing Teams

Die-Pat are delighted to announce a new addition to our sales team; Hannah Malam has joined us as Internal Sales Executive for the North & Scotland, and will work alongside Helen Brady and Lucy... > More

Our Accounts Team is Changing

Staff changes are taking place in our Accounts Department as we say bon voyage & happy retirement to both Jo Cole (end September) and Carol Brogan (end October). Carol and Jo have been valuable... > More

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Fundraising

Our two day Comic Relief Red Nose Day fundraising has begun... lots of yummy food in our "Bake It or Fake It" and the chance to win prizes in our sweepstakes. We certainly don't... > More

National Bank Holiday in Honour of His Majesty King Charles III Coronation

Monday 8th May has been declared as a national bank holiday following the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. This is a truly momentous occasion in our countries history, so in... > More