Lighting for Commercial Canopy Hoods

To improve your work efficiency and protect your kitchen staff from any form of risk, you must ensure that your canopy hood is correctly lit. Different types of Canopy Hood Lights 1. Incandescent Lighting These bulbs have a warmer quality of light that can help create a warmer quality of light in a kitchen. In some instances, staff can experience headaches under fluorescent lighting. If your chefs are suffering from headaches or feel strained under more stark...> More

Contract Catering Growth Opportunities

The Global Contract Careering Market is expected to grow at 4.02 percent in the next two years. There are huge market expanses and growth opportunities planned through 2025. Many of the features... > More

What is the difference between Jacketed and Non-Jacketed Heat Lamps?

Commercial heat lamps are energy efficient, infrared and designed to produce more heat than light. Jacketed Heat Lamps Die-Pat’s jacketed heat lamps are fitted with an outer quartz glass... > More

What is the difference between 304 and 430 stainless steel?

There are many grades of stainless steel available, each offering their own unique characteristics for specific applications. However, the two most common grades are 304 and 430. 304 is... > More