Stainless Steel: The Best Choice For Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens experience constant traffic that could wear down standard countertops, utensils, and appliances. Cooking equipment and prep surfaces must be durable and rustproof to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Thankfully, stainless steel does just that. What Is Stainless Steel? Invented in 1915 by a company in Sheffield, England, the unique type of metal was designed to be perfect for commercial and standard kitchens. At the time, the corporation announced that it had...> More

Gas Interlock System FAQs

A gas interlock system is often referred to as a gas safety interlock system. This is a device providing a failsafe ensuring safety and decreasing the risk of accidents in commercial kitchens. The... > More

950 x 508 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks - In Stock

Die-Pat now supplies a range of 950 x 508 stainless steel sink tops in a range of configurations: Double bowl, reversible drainer Single bowl, single drainer Single bowl, reversible... > More

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

Your fridge is an integral part of your business. You need to ensure that it’s in good working order so that it keeps your food at the optimum temperature. Not only that, but it was also a large... > More