New Commercial Hand Wash Basins, Wall Mounted and Knee Operated

Die-Pat launches two new wall mounted wash hand basins that are knee operated.

Compact Commercial Knee Operated Hand Wash Basin - Wall Mounted - Satin Finish - Integral Splashback - Mixing Valve - Timed Knee Operated Tap - Special Order Only.


Other Die-Pat Wall Mounted Wash Hand Basins

Advantages of wall mounted wash hand basins is that these units are fully spot welded including apron to save installation time on site. Knee operated mixing valve, single inlet spout and hoses. A soap dispenser can be fitted or a stainless steel blanking plate supplied. The wall mounted unit is fitted on the wall by keyhole slots on the back and comes complete with combined overflow waste kit.

Wall Mounted Stainless Steel 304 Wash Hand Basins

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Polished Finish - Wall Mounted Basin    
Part Number Size (mm) Bowl Size (mm)
Descaled Finish - Wall Mounted Basin    
Part Number Size (mm) Bowl Size (mm)

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