Die-Pat supports its local Food Bank

Our Christmas Appeal  - Daventry Food Bank
As part of our social responsibility to the local community in which we all work and many of us live, we wanted to do something that everyone could be involved in and could see the work first hand. Die-Pat chose as a business to support our local food bank.

On the 17th October Die-Pat visited the Daventry Food Bank headquarters to meet their Operations Manager Mike Crozier and have a tour around. All staff are volunteers and give up their time to open the food bank 3 times a week. The food bank on average provides 250 meals a week but at times this has increased to 500.
It is reported that 1 in 5 people live below the poverty line here in the UK; that's 1 in 5 having to choose between food or gas/electricity! All it takes is a sudden, unexpected event - a bereavement, illness, redundancy or theft - to throw people into a genuine crisis. 

The Daventry Food Bank was started with a view to provide emergency/essential food supplies to residents in Daventry District until other parts of the social care infrastructure come in to play.

Since they started in 2010, they have been called on to assist thousands of families and individuals who have found themselves in a place where they simply have nothing to feed themselves or their children. Die-Pat launched its winter appeal at the end of October and just before Christmas we will deliver all the food that has been collected over the last couple of months.  

We are also looking into printing easy-to-use recipes that incorporate ingredients commonly donated to the foodbanl. One of the questions raised on our tour by a member of staff was how can people cook healthy meals from tinned and dried food. Some well know chefs have actually been working on this and we hope to be able to provide these along with the food parcels.

Die-Pat hopes that our association will continue well after the Christmas appeal and we look forward to developing a more long term relationship.

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