Pre-Rinse Spray Units for Every Type of Kitchen

Die-Pat offers Pre-Rinse spay units to suit every type of commercial kitchen, the decision you need to make is which one would best suit your kitchen requirements.

Please contact us for technical advise if unsure about your pre-rinse unit specifications

Types of Pre-Rinse Sprays

  • Spring Type
  • Swivel Arm
  • Straight Arm
  • Mini Spray Units
  • Flexible Hose

Spring Type Pre-Rinse Spray Units

Pre-rinse assemblies are approximately 38” (965mm) high with a clearance height for underside of Pre-rinse sprayhead to base of faucet of 10” (254mm).

The overhanging projection distance from centre-line of faucet to centre-line of spray head assembly is 15” (381mm).

KN56, KN66 and KN60 Series are furnished with 1/2” NPS mounting hardware.

These units are not suitable for low water pressure areas – a minimum of 2 Bar, 28 PSI, is the optimum working pressure.

Swivel Arm Pre-Rinse Spray Units

Heavy gauge commercial kitchen pre-rinse swivel arm, mated to a solid forged swivel elbow, designed to withstand the demands of commercial operations. Wall bracket included for fast and secure installation.

Includes a spray head hook which holds the spray head away from work area when not in use.

Straight Arm Pre-Rinse Spray Units

The H2O Pre-Rinse Units are heavy duty units suitable for commercial kitchens, restaurants and hotels.

These units include check valves to prevent cross-flow, 12” wall brackets for secure installation and heavy duty swivel arm support for the straight arm units to strengthen and prevent damage.

The straight arm Pre-Rinses start from 35” (895mm) in height. Accessories and add-on taps are available for all units.

Mini Pre-Rinse Spray Units

MINI Pre-Rinse Unit provides the same flexibility and performance as the standard Pre-Rinse Unit, but is suitable when space or height restrictions apply. Available in double and single deck mounts, monobloc and wall mounted

The unit is supplied with an add-on tap and 6" swing nozzle.

Flexible Hose Pre-Rinse Spray Units

The flexible hose Pre-Rinses start from 45” (1143mm) in height. Units are supplied with wall bracket.

Accessories and add-on taps are also available for all units.

Kitchen Water Hoses

Need to replace your water hose for an exisiting Pre-Rinse Unit?.

Die-Pat is now selling a full range of catering water hoses. We stock standard assemblies ready for next day delivery. A bespoke hose service, to suit individual requirements, with no minimum quantities, can be manufactured in a couple of days.

WRAS approved, non-toxic, high quality EPDM liner (Ethylene, Propylene, Diene, Monomer). PEX and Silcone liners available where EPDM is not suitable, for example hospitals and nursing homes.

Sink Units

Need to replace or upgrade your sink units for an existing Pre-Rinse unit?

Die-Pat offers a comprehensive range of UK-made assemblies offers a choice of options and sizes, from a 1000 x 600 single bowl, single drainer, through to a 2400 x 650 double bowl, double drainer. And, for ultimate flexibility, Die-Pat can offer variations on standard sizing to suit customers’ specific requirements, with the added option of sourcing triple bowl solutions.

All sink tops in the range are 304 stainless steel and all assemblies are fitted with adjustable feet for on-site levelling. Supplied as a flat-pack product, the products’ easy-to-follow instructions ensure quick, straightforward self-assembly

Please contact us for technical advise if unsure about your plumbing specifications

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