Pre-Rinse Spray Units for Every Type of Kitchen

Die-Pat offers Pre-Rinse spay units to suit every type of commercial kitchen, the decision you need to make is which one would best suit your kitchen requirements. Please contact us for technical advise if unsure about your pre-rinse unit specifications Types of Pre-Rinse Sprays Spring Type Swivel Arm Straight Arm Mini Spray Units Flexible Hose Spring Type Pre-Rinse Spray Units Pre-rinse assemblies are approximately 38” (965mm) high with a clearance height for...> More

Shrinking Commercial Kitchen Space

According to a recent release by NPD Group, a top market research company, Britain is an indomitable force in the food service sector. The report also shows that London alone accounted for 20.2% of... > More

Choosing the Right Caterhose for the Job

While we understand that cost efficiency is a top priority for our customers, the importance of using high quality, fully accredited gas hoses cannot be stressed enough. This is an area where... > More

Legionnaires Disease Risk with Stainless Steel Sinks & Taps

For the better part of the last century up to know, stainless steel has been used the world over to make industrial and home utilities. All has been well and good until recently when scientists... > More