Business Water Saving and Water Efficiency Tips

The recent heatwave in the UK prove that businesses must take greater care when using water to avoid substantial water waste on the premises. In the Carbon Disclosure Project, nearly 70% of businesses noted that they were concerned about water availability, and the lack of water at any time could pose a serious threat to business operations and profits. Understanding that saving water is the responsibility of everyone on the planet and on the workforce is also necessary. Saving water on...> More

UK Manufacturing Slowed, but Remains Well Above Average

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What Chefs Expect From Their Kitchen Ranges in 2018

On average, most restaurant kitchens make the most investments in the cooking suite. A cooking suite is the center of their operations; thus, they have to carefully choose the kind of suite, its... > More

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Kitchens

According to a study published in the International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, 45% to 70% of the wasted electric energy in commercial kitchens is due to behavioural factors and poor... > More