Commercial Oven Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Now that you’ve spent the money on your perfect commercial oven, you have to learn the importance and know-how of cleaning it after you’re done the cooking. No matter what precautions you put in place, spills are going to happen, but these helpful maintenance tips should help you keep it safe for the majority of the time.   General Oven Cleaning Routinely cleaning your commercial oven can reduce the amount of residue and grime that can build up inside of it, allowing it...> More

Kitchen Tips to Managing Fat, Oil, and Grease

One of the biggest challenges in a commercial kitchen is managing residual fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Residual fats oil and greases are a byproducts that food outlets have to manage constantly.... > More

Get to Know your Baffle Grease Filter

Air that is filled with grease rises through the filters and is forced to change direction quickly, fat droplets cannot change direction as fast as air, because of this the air is freed from the oil.... > More

Stainless Steel Maintenance and Cleaning

It wasn’t until the early 20th century, after several years of experimentation, that a perfect combination of chromium and carbon produced the stainless steel product used today. An English... > More